Can marijuana help with depression? Study finds “concerning” trends


Personally I tried a hemp gummy bear experiment this week and ended up tearful at times and last night I had breakthrough voices.

Even if it did it will likely worsen schizophrenia lol

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Marijuana Unveils a Curtain of Reality Some Are Not Ready to Adjust to, or Perceive Reasonably.

Which Leads to Vapid Paranoia.

Thus is Not an Insult. It Means You Are Highly Intelligent, And Sensitive to Illusions & “reality”.

If One Finds Sensible Tools to Incorporate Hope, Instead of Pain. Be it Past, Present, or Future.

That Fruit, (Marijuana), From Nature’s Garden Can Be Extremely Helpful.

Use Commonsense, Instincts, Intuition, And Find Your Purpose.

Like The Band Radiohead Says, ‘Go Slowly’.


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

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