Can Madness Save the World?

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Thanks for sharing this. I had that delusion, I was in charge of the revolution! :smile:

Complete article:

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You guys take my words too seriously if you think I started the revolution. The TI revolution online predates our experiences with this.

People have been talking about aliens, demons, psychotronics, for a very very long time now. Even Philip K Dick knew about psychotronics from way back.

From my assessment you guys were very myopic about your experiences with this. If I thought I was talking to Anna Nichole in my head I would consider the possibility I was insane too.

not at all. i find all of this very interesting

James Tilly Matthews, the first documented paranoid schizophrenic, was the first to talk about “psychotronics”, but he called it the Airloom, a mind control device that worked off the EMF spectrum.

So like I said, thinking an alien intelligence is controlling your mind is a very common theory among people who would be labeled schizophrenic. But from what I gather a lot of the chicks here just have some bipolar mania.

Correction: “foreign” intelligence. My handler thought that would be a better word to use there than “alien.” They’ve actually helped me write for college English classes and given very good input/suggestions. Sometimes when I would get tired they’d take over and tell me what to write like fight club.

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One person’s madness is another’s enlightenment. One person’s enlightenment is another’s madness.

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Seth Farber has also written extensively on these areas - as have others -

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He was given “visions” of the device just like prophets were given visions of biblical events. Simply put, they can insert any image in your head they imagine and manipulate it any way they want. I’ve done visualizations with them and had cartoon battles.