Can it be spread by a mosquito

I was wondering dose any one know for share.the virus

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According to the news last night they said no it can’t

No it cannot be spread by mosquitoes

No it can’t but animals can.

Hmm. Interesting.

Could You Share an Article That States Thus to Be a Fact (???)… . … :100:

Coronavirus came from bats but other animals can transmit it:

dose this mean you can get it from cows milk?

Why is Thus So Much Beyond Reason?.

I Love Bats…,

Thanx Vampire Bats. Good Work (!!!).

BLARGH (!!!)… . … :100:

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I don’t think so and cows milk you buy is tested for many diseases before it reaches consumers.
In the US, there is no known animal-human coronavirus infections, mainly because there is no bats?

dose it happen if birds are infacted with it and the bird ■■■■ has it in it? sorry but ……

I don’t know about corona but birds can transmit other diseases as well.

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