Can isolation help relive symptoms?

What if you isolate yourself.
Can it permanently fix negative symptoms?
Isolating yourself can put you into thinking mode.
The longer you isolate the outcome becomes permanent.
Youll have time to think about whats real and not.
That means. No porn, no social media, the news is acceptable, paper hobbies, puzzles.

Maybe it can help because it resets your mind and body.

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It has not made a difference in my negative symptoms – EVER – in over a quarter century. Fewer people around helps ease my positive symptoms, but that’s it.

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Sounds extreme.

Do you have access to therapy?

I find some relief being on the forum and therapy. My negatives are severe, still struggling.

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When i say isolation i mean to say is stop watching porn (once a week), stop watching tik tok,snapchat, with those NSFW media and with all the entertainment.
Do not watch any tv series or movies.

The only entertainment is the news, your intrest in nature news feed or your music band news feed etc… 3 hours of videgames every other day. You can talk to people online or therapy.

Exercise 2 times a week
Stay in the house often and clean your house
Get out when you need to

It sounds easy but the qeakness of this idea is extreme boredom.

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Ok makes sense.

This is not called isolation then. Maybe semi tech break.

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Social isolation has made me worse. Either that, or I’m socially isolating because I got worse. Not sure which, but it definitely hasn’t helped with negatives. They are worse than ever.

And I agree with @vyom that what you’ve described isn’t really isolating.

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We all know how pandemic and lockdown ■■■■■■ all of us socially. I found it hilarious yet interesting to see normal people struggle with social things after restrictions were eased.

So we all need bit of social stimulation to maintain skill.

For the 4.5 years I went unmedicated after initial psychosis, I had to actually limit my exposure to certain things.

Kind of lived in a self-imposed bubble for a while, as soooo many things were extremely triggering.

Wasn’t completely cut off from stuff or people or whatever, but my tolerance was extremely low for a long time.

Gradually, I increased my exposure to certain triggers. Took a while, and sometimes it was “one step forward, two steps back,” but it was overall something necessary to do for my own mental well-being.

I still am very selective about media, news, people, situations and other things— but far less so than before.

Cutting oneself off from certain things can be helpful if those things are affecting you negatively.


No actually i am way more in touch with reality when i use social media believe it or not. It helps me realize that there is a whole world out there and i am not the center of it

I don’t see the point of Tik Tok, Instagram or Snapchat

Never really got involved in it

Been on Facebook before, but I deleted all my friends and use it now for the pages I like.

Avoid the comments, because people are so opinionated and rude to each other


I don’t have anything. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook. I have nothing. I think it’s just a waste of time.

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I don’t like porn that much, but I’m not judging those who do. My daughter says I’m too old and I’ll break TikTok and SnapChat for younger people if I use them. I’m a huge fan of NSFW media, especially online radio stations.

TV series and movies? Hell yes, but in moderation. I’m trying to keep it to a few hours a week while it’s nice out. Too many other things I could be doing that keep me active. I save the media binging for the cold snaps where I’m trapped inside.

Read up on dopamine. That’s what you describe here.

Control over your habits and guilty pleasures will influence your emotional state and energo-potential (that is how long you can stick to the task without gaining any rewards). Memory loss and inability to focus will remain an issue regardless.

No. Tv and movies isn’t allowed at all.

The point of this is to make the schizophrenic think what it feels to miss out on all the normies are doing in life. To feel not to be part of the streamers.
It’s better not to question what people are doing in they’re lives. Thats the idea of this.

Try doing this challenge for 3 years straight.
You’ll feel like a caveman onward.

That’s your problem. I just downloaded the 2021 Fantasy Island series. :slight_smile:

This makes absolutely no sense.

Sounds awful. I have no desire to feel like a caveman.

Pardon me - time to go play on my Oculus and then Imma have a latte.


When I first got to this hospital there was this guy who sat around, unresponsive, with his head bowed. He was barely responsive to his environment. He stayed that way for a few months, and then one day he completely changed. He started talking about how good he felt. He was irrepressible. He had turned into a very happy person. I don’t know if they had changed his med’s or anything. If they did they were being very quiet about it.

Most of my symptoms gone because i performed isolation.

What if you perform to live in the 60s before electronis existed?
Youll get a brain reset. A cleanse.

I depend on a pacemaker to stay alive so I’d be dead.

This is dumb.

Its kinda like youve lived in a clean environment.
The eviroment get dirty.
Then you start cleaning.
Then repeat.