Can I take Folate (vitamin b9) with B12?instead of Folic acid?

I just realized Folic acid is synthetic and Folate is natural

Can I take Vitamin B12 with Folate

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You know who might know - google, google is pretty smart about things like that.

Well the homepage says to take folic acid instead of folate.

Just a quickie question


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Take methylfolate its natural and also best absorbed. Folic acid is cheap and also synthetic and poorly absorbed also folic acid usage have cancer risk. So its best to take methyfolate if you are deficient in folate.

Just like methyfolate for b12 take methylb12. Its best absorbed form.

Methylb12 is very useful for cognition, nervous system, memory etc while too much folate can have negative side effects like poor memory. Take folate only if you have a deficiency .


Thank you for spoon feeding me.

I couldn’t find Folate separately.

Thanks again

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