Can I Sue For Emotional Distress?

We ordered Chinese food.

Everyone opened their fortune cookies and read them out loud. I cracked mine open and there was nothing inside.

I felt hurt, betrayed and embarrassed. I called the local shelter for a therapy pet right after it happened.

Can I sue the Chinese restaurant for punitive damages?


Instead, I read out a fake fortune…

"What you just ate wasn’t chicken!"

My sister-in-law couldn’t stop laughing. :grin:


My restaurant gives me misfortune cookies.


I’m still scratching my head on this one. If what you said is true I feel like the grievance was on their side. You cast a very bad light on their cooking. They couldn’t sue you for that, but they could justifiably ask you not to come back.

Fortune cookies didn’t always have just good fortunes.

People were afraid to open them.

My grandpa had one that said “dogs will lead police to your body”.

He still has it framed.

He’s freaking 95, so I guess it could still happen.


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