Can i share my testimony?

hi, i will be writing my testimony soon and i was wondering if this would be ok to share it here, i attribute my recovery Primarily to God so i think that could be a problem bc i dont want to break the rules :frowning: i was hoping to speak of my Journey from the beginning of my recovery after my suicide attempt in Dec 2009.


I think it’s okay to reference religion as long as it’s in the context of your recovery? I may be wrong, but maybe the mods will let you know for sure.

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I attribute my recovery primarily to God also.


thanks gina, someone i can relate too :wink: i am not happy about the censorship on this forum but i realise that it can be triggering to some people, it is a shame though bc it is probably the biggest part of my recovery, everything i have achieved is down to him, its not me, its him, :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that making these generic statements is against the forum rules but if you’ll talk about that in greater detail that may be against the forum rules.