Can I run by my pdoc appointment notes for tomorrow?


1000mg Amisulpride go back to 800mg as it doesn’t make any difference



Olanzapine and Diazepam but increase (temporary) as improves agitation and anxiety.

Racing thoughts
intrusive thoughts
occasional voices
depression (Everything on NHS website fits except lack of sleep) I get too much
suicidal ideation

That’s what I have written on the back of an old envelope. I am going to lose my ■■■■■■■ drivers license again. He better not send me to hospital but I need to be honest as I have waited too long for this appointment


I tried reading it out to myself and a feel ■■■■■■■ embarrassed

I do the same thing on here when trying to remember things that the voices said to me that sounded unreal

Hey. I just read the whole thing and I can assure you It’s not embarassing. You plan on bringing the notes with you so you don’t forget anything, right?
This is your mental well being we’re talking about here. No need to be embarassed

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Do you think I just give him the paper or read it out? I feel like I am telling him how to do his job

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This is pretty detailed. It’s good

And it’s about cooperation not him dictating to u so its good to give him your view

I had to add flashbacks to the list. I forgot about those

I think it’s best you read it out. He has to know what is afflicting you so he can give you the treatment you need. He needs your feedback on what is working and what is not so he can properly do his job


I will read it.

I need to apologise as I have been a ■■■■■■■ nuisance these last few weeks

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hey @Joker I think your notes are clear, concise and effective. Good job.

I find it is hard work to have effective working relationships with my GP and pdoc. I make notes to ensure I leave my appointment with what I want. In my experience you have to be assertive to be heard & effectively treated. They are using trial & error to see what meds are working for you & rely on your feedback. They only see us briefly and can only see symptoms that are easy to recognise, all the rest we need to convey to them.

I just had an appointment with my GP and read my notes to her out loud from ym phone. Then I recorded her instructions she gave on my phone. I told her, “I’m listening to you, I’m just noting down what you say so I don’t forget.”

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Why would you lose your drivers license?

This doctor took it off me for two years before :frowning: He’s old school and straight laced.

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