Can I request a brain scan somewhere?

I want my brain checked, to see if they see anything for my auditory hallucinations.

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I wanted a PET scan for a while, but I think they’re expensive, and I don’t know what good it would do me.

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i don’t know that a normal hospital can do that for you…ie: pinpoint which parts of the brain are active whilst the voices are talking…i think you’d need to volunteer for a research project for something that accurate…
personally i think that it should be done as a matter of course but there you go…it;s like someone having appendecitis and the drs saying well the pain is coming from somewhere in there but we;re not sure why or where and we’re not going to bother to find out…it;s infuriating!!! just think of the wealth of knowlede that they could get if everyone seeing or hearing or any other types of hallucination underwent a detailed brain imaging scan.
sorry i couldn’t be of more help but if you want that ype of scan then you’d have to go to a private hospital and pay for it yourself and your talking about a few thousand dollars to have it done properly :frowning:

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What bull ■■■■!!!

At best, I suspect they’ll just say ‘yes you have schizophrenia’.

There’s always hope though if you hear voices. (I don’t hear voices and never have), check out this thread

In 1995 or 1996 I volunteered for a study at NIH in Bethesda. They stuck all these needles in me and gave me a PET scan but I wanted to do anything to help science ‘figure it out’.
Well I think they even paid me like $900 but I would have done it for free. They gave me ketamine that I didn’t understand was vitamin K.

Then they said all these words to me to see what lit up.

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I also had an MRI when I was diagnosed with MS. I had trouble walking and terrible dizziness and double vision from optic neuritis.

I brought the print to my pdoc.
Yea I could see holes, so does that change anything?

God cured me of the MS because I think he Thought that and sz is enough for one person.

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  2. Fuggedaboutit. The scan pretty likely isn’t going to accomplish anything meaningful. Read this instead. (Because knowledge… is… power.) (And the first eight articles here are – at least potentially – “empowering.”)

i just put my tin foil hat on :tophat: …( that makes me a doctor !?! ) :ambulance:
and i just made a cardboard box look like a ’ brain scan machine '… :blush:
" i am ready for business !?! " :office:
take care :alien: