Can I pretend?

All the time? Like everyone else can? Can I be like them? Dead? Their sincerity private? Their being… never a thing anyone else sees? Except for maybe a select few. And how’d they do that? Can one person be for me, my reality? My only reality… So that I may go on pretending.

No. I try, but I always think to test it. That it isn’t genuine… and its always insulted. It always flies away. Wondering why I was so mad at it. Calling me irrational. Crazy…

So I sleep.

everybody pretends william. it’s having a public face and a private face. until u meet that special someone, maybe many in ur lifetime and u don’t have to pretend anymore. xxx

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dark sith jumps into his spaceship and goes to battle against the oncoming storm of evil.
take care

My whole life is pretend, this reality could just be an imaginary world in the dream of a spirit that’s passed on

They’d have to be pretty special to put up with a guy like me. I’d give them hell… and for no reason.

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