Can i learn psychiatry?

i want to treat my self
i know well my pain than anyone ^____^
i feel desperate
coz doctor never feel me :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

You can learn the coping skills to treat yourself

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Sure !

It’s called NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. Anyone can.

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did you benefited anything from such science ?

I never learned it @saynow

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Don’t fall for NLP. It’s a scam.

Psychologists, neurologists, human resource experts, and linguists have investigated NLP in scientific research reviews which conclude that it is built on conceptually erroneous notions of neurology and linguistics, and it has failed to show its claimed efficacy in many controlled studies


I’m planning to go back to school to get my degree in psychology soon. I hope to someday be a psychologist or psychiatrist

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That’s was one of my dreams aswell.

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