Can I have my Account Deleted

Can I please have my account anonymized and disabled as I’ve previously seen that done for other people.

This forum in particular is associated with my obsessive compulsive personality disorder and is ruining my life and I end up wasting all of my time here.

At the very least can it just simply be deactivated so I can no longer log in out of obsessive compulsion.

I seriously have a problem.

@MrSquirrel @barbiebf @szadmin


You know what. I’ve had it repeatedly pointed out to me I complain a lot obsessively and that’s my problem so I’d like to request the same for me. Please!

No don’t leave ish I know we don’t talk all that much but you’re one of my fav posters !

I realise I have a problem. I know I obsess. I actually came here for some support not to be told that every post i make is because of a symptom so I should seek help :frowning:


I understand your feelings of disappointment with the way the board is working for you but you will be missed :cry:

Good luck with everything ish

Btw you look very young for your age which is a good thing you will find the right match one day be patient and be kind to yourself


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Ish, you’re very high functioning, and many of your problems are very “normal” problems. I think it’s easy for people to mistake your problems for something bigger than they are, ie: thinking you’re talking about thought broadcasting when you’re talking about having a poor poker face, thinking you’re talking about paranoia when you’re discussing relating to a coworker.

Please don’t go! I know it can be frustrating, but you’re a valuable and well-liked poster. We’d miss you.


I think maybe I’m not good at expressing myself well. I have that problem in face to face day to day communication too

The dynamics of forum pretty much reflects our everyday social life. Maybe it’s not a face to face communication but it still shows how we react to others and how we express ourselves.
So, someone made a comment that you didn’t like or responded the way you consider as rude, offensive, and such. Would you remove yourself in real life? Would you hide and seek for disappearance?
It is basically the same, the way you deal with people here and there. And if we extend the metaphor, it even shows the way we position ourselves in life. ( for those who watch and read carefully it is pretty obvious)


I rarely talk to anyone one except here. I have always found it hard to talk to people and have no friends.
My whole life has always been a secret so no one figures out my real problem. I just try to blend in and not stick out. And that usually means keeping my mouth shut.
I’m thinking with ham radio I can talk and no one can see me. And that’s socially acceptable.

What do you think it is a reason to that? How do you feel about person you have to talk with?

Jesus you admins are more retarded than I am. What’s the problem.

to both of you …by confronting our problems…we deal with our problems.
i am sending you both :heart: :heart: :angel: as much love as i can muster .
take care :alien:

I’ve flagged the original post for Moderator attention for you.

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Yeah like wth. I’ve helped countless people and I’ve been asking like fifty times already. This is kind of bizzare. If there is some unwritten rule that I don’t know about about account deactivation that spans forum protocol at least I think I deserve to know about it.

To the rest of anyone here is this actually normal per forum use or what.

What a crock of ■■■■.

Yeah yeah it doesn’t work that way.

I can’t wait to tell that to the next man that asks me for help.

I learn from the professionals.

So screw everybody else but me.

If they won’t delete you account. Change your account name. Then change your password to something random that you won’t remember at all.

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Deleting accounts is up to @SzAdmin, who is likely busy if he’s not responding immediately. I personally was driving a fuel truck up until a couple of hours ago and then had to catch up on stuff at home. Not a lot I can do from my phone at work, especially since I can’t use it most of the day for legal and/or safety reasons. Please be patient and avoid freaking out if someone can’t get to something right away.



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OK - we’ve suspended your account for 90 days so you can take a break from here. After that you can come back to visit and get support if you like, or if you want either a longer suspension or a full account deletion, we can do that too. We like to keep the account so that if you need support at some point in the future you can come back and get it. If you don’t, thats fine too.