Can I have both?


Is it possible to have sza and borderline personality disorder?


Yes. I think @Sunshine has this diagnosis. Have you been diagnosed with bpd ?


No just sza
Will talk to pdoc next week



Diagnoses is not everything it’s better seek for recovery I think


Yes it’s very possible. I was just in the hospital with a gal that had both. It’s was terrible. She was not in a good space. Of course none of us were. But for her it seemed worse because her boyfriend had just committed suicide and she knew she needed to get on meds right away so she went to the er and told them she was suicidal so she could get meds right away. Well once they put her in the hospital they diagnosed her with BPD and sza and started pummeling her with all kinds of meds she just started freaking out all over the place, you know how BPD are and omg I felt so bad for her. She was like a trapped rat. She kept saying she wasn’t really suicidal but they still wouldn’t let her go home, She was no where close to being stable but she couldn’t see that she wasn’t in control of herself and the situation. Poor lady. She just kept fuc*ing up left and right and losing her smoking privileges, which is all you have to look forward to when you’re in there really, other than going home. Anyway, yes, you can be both. And it’s hard.


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