Can I get your opinions?

EVERY time I’m in the physical hospital, I end up distraught emotionally.

I’m diagnosed sza, bipolar, ptsd, gad with agoraphobia and social anxiety.

It’s almost like I need to be alone. This happens all the time.

I’m trying to keep the two separate. I’m not yet successful.

Any ideas? My regular coping skills aren’t working.

Thanks! :blush:

Can someone bring you books to read to distract yourself? Or sudoku? Magazines? I think you need to keep your mind occupied

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I thought about books, but the pain of acute pancreatitis makes it hard to focus.

Also, I’m usually fed intravenously. Eventually increased to clear liquids.

I usually watch property brothers or undercover boss.

Thanks so much for trying to help. You’ve got me thinking. :blush:


Dunno, can you go for walks to the hospital shop or cafeteria and sit there, are you bedwritten ?

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Sorry I wasn’t able to help. I really feel for you


I’m usually receiving meds and fluids through an iv. I wish I could walk.


Are you kidding me? The suggestions you mentioned are great… thanks

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Not much you can do, only mental things. How long do you have to be in hospital?

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I’m at home, now, but had 3 inpatient stays this month.

Hey, I guess I should be thankful I didn’t have to go inpatient psychiatric facility. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself.


Yes. You’re being too hard on yourself.

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You could study your illness and become your own best doctor.

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Thanks, hon. You’re right. I’m going to make a list of 5 things I can do if this happens again.

You’re a rock star!

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Funny you should say that… my gi doc and practice head referred me to an endocrinologist, pancreas specialist, for possible minor surgery.

It’s 30 miles from here, so, I’m nervous.

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I like the idea of pre-planning.

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Me too. I guess my problem is that I’ve been too sick to do that. That’s why I’m attempting to be proactive NOW.

You’re so sweet. Thanks so much!

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Good luck @JustTrish!!!

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Thanks @Pianogal.

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