Can I get lady perspective on this please?

There are probably many different interpretations to be had. But if 20 year old goddess who announces herself in our one to one conversation that she is free not bounded to anything, family, kids, loves to travel and in general being very open in our conversation. Could this mean she’s waiting a followup from me? I want to step back or step all in, but not sure, don’t want to ruin anything.

This is not a relationship advice question, but I want to see into female soul and understand little bit more what could this mean if you were acting this way. Thank you kindly.

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Just ask her?

That’s the easiest way to get any answer. If she acts like you’re stupid for asking, then you dodged a bullet. People shouldn’t play head games.


Straight up answer. I like you.

I’m probably being too sensitive myself which is not me normally. Confused nowadays with these different trends rolling.

Always be straightforward. That’s the only way you’ll know things.


As a “cis” white male, I feel I have a lot of insight into telling women what they should do. Here’s what they should do….





Kindly thank you for your insight. :wink:

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