Can I get fired?

I’ve been really paranoid lately that I’m being stalked by the guy who sexually assaulted me last year. I’ve found a few things that help, and I realize they’re a bit strange, but as long as they’re helping, I don’t think it should matter. One of the main things that helps me is magic tape. It deflects the signals from cameras, trackers, etc., so no one can locate me. I put the tape in my house and car, but I also wrap it around my fingers. It’s glitter washi tape. My mom hates it and made me take it off before work because it was “extremely odd,” and could "jeopardize my employment."I work part-time as a cashier in a grocery store. My managers know about my anorexia and depression and have gone to great lengths to accommodate me. I am great at my job. I’m a trainer, and I’ll be getting promoted by the end of the year. Can I get fired for odd behavior like having tape on my fingers if I’m performing well at work?

As long as you’re preforming your job well I don’t think you can get fired for “odd behavior…” if you think about it no one would have a job because we all have some kind of odd behavior. As long as you’re professional and not making mistakes (even if this includes small mistakes but several of them add up in time), you show up & are on time and follow their policies (i.e. my last job would let us wear casual but things like hoodies weren’t allowed, or shirts with pockets in them, or we could listen to music while we worked but MP3’s weren’t allowed and you could only have manufactured CD’s because they were worried about people bringing in blank CD’s and stealing information over their servers)…

What you do on your own time is your own business so long as its not affecting your work, or as long as it’s not criminal because if they do a surprise criminal background check…well you would show up. I’d still be working at my old job if I didn’t have my relapse and need to take the time off to get myself situated again. Half of what caused my relapse though was the stress from work.

Thanks for the feedback. I talked to my dad, who’s been practicing law for 26 years, and he said they might say something about uniform policies. However, I frequently wear a flower crown and purple lipstick to work, and there are other employees with gauges, glittery headbands, big earrings, and brooches, so I don’t think they’ll say anything. (And if they do, I’ve already put the tape on the back of my nametag, on the underside of the table in the break room, and I can put it on the inside of my shoes.) He also said it’s illegal for them to fire me for being mentally ill so long as I can “perform with reasonable accommodations.”

Hey brother…can I ask man…where do you work?

I’m a girl, lol, and I work at Publix.

Then YES you can be fired…im just kidding mam.

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