Can i follow with 2 pdocs together?

how is that ?
i have two wonderful doctor idk how to tell them one doctor is not enough?
i am living hard life

i wanna take the younger doctor prescription he is clever and student of older doctor and give to elder doctor and see if he modify then approve or modify

is this possible ?


Normally, you can’t have two pdocs. Unless they both agree to it. This happens when one doc focuses on the meds and the other on the psychotherapeutic side. It is rarely done. You have to choose.

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may be i ll do something
good for myself
no doctor will make meds reach it is sites of action in brain
he just prescribe
action or side effect it is unknown
even with 2 doctor i still can get side effects
i ll think again about how practical this idea is


There’s no shame in second or third opinion though. They all have different methodologies. Hell, it often takes several doctors to find the right diagnosis and treatment for physical ailments.