Can I ever work?

I got a fine and had to pay compensation and was in court because of 2 death threats that happened in 2020 and 2021

I’m scared this will prevent me from getting a job in the future

Is it on your criminal record. That’s what matters I think.

You’re probably fine

It probably is for like 5 years or so

Maybe find out from your pdoc how you can find out for sure about it being on your criminal record or not

Idk who is my pdoc now

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That is tough. Maybe ask your nurse if she can find out who your pdoc is to speak to them, tell her it is really upsetting you not knowing.


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It’s tough working as a SZ, both mentally and physically draining.

But U gotta do something and stay busy during the day otherwise the disease will eat U.

I actually have an interview today and tom and I’m kinda excited, but I’m also unvaxd so yeah.

But anyways, hope U find work @Crystal-Cotton


Here you can ask for an extract from your criminal record in city hall. Maybe it’s the same in Finland?


Good luck with your interviews! What are you applying for?

Idk what do you mean by city hall

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The services of the city where you live in.

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Data Entry/Shipping/Receiving.

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