Can I drink coffee on Olanzapine?

So im on 10mgs of Olanzapine and im sedated quite heavily, im not sure if i can drink coffee on Olanzapine

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I used to do it when I was on zyprexa. Still do it on clozapine and Invega.

Else I would be just sleeping all day.

The problem is when I was only on Invega, coffee made me symptimatic. When I was on quetiapine I used to drink abusrd amounts of coffee and I was fine. Not sure how coffee is gonna interact with my new med

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I guess everyone responds differently to coffee. Maybe have one and see how it goes…

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I was able to drink caffeine on Olanzapine, but it had no effect on me if I was on 10mg or more, I just drank coffee out of habit really.

When I dropped down to 5mg I noticed the coffee working, but also my symptoms came back. Probably due to the low dose rather than the caffeine.

Thank you, Im afraid to try it. My pdoc said that I should avoid caffeine, but he allowed to use in small doses. Not sure what he meant snall doses, I think equal to 1 espresso shot while diluted with a lot of milk

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I drink coffee on zyprexa. Thing is I’m a bit older and I get a bit of a boost off the first cup then I go to sleep on the second. We all respond to stimulants differently. You might just have to try a cup but if your succeptable to stimulants you may want to avoid as per docs instructions.

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Some people’s bodies are slow in processing cafeine, some are quick. It depends on how fast your liver metabolizes it, among other things.

It also varies per med. Some meds are metabolized through the same liver enzyme as cafeine (e.g. olanzepine, clozepine). Olanzepine may also inhibit this enzyme, thus increase cafeines effects, not sure. Not sure of the effects of cafeine on your meds either.

I’m not a doc, may talk ■■■■■■■■. But I would trust your doc’s recommendations on this.

CYP1A2 Gene: Fast or Slow Caffeine Metabolizer? - Genetic Lifehacks

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