Can i buy ap without doctor prescription

I just wonder that can i buy ap without doctor prescription i want to buy 50mg invega sustenna

Sometimes my pdoc writes me a prescription for 3 months and for him it always means 90 tablets, but sometimes 3 months add up to 92 days. The remaining 2 pills I am able to get without prescription but not more.
Why would you want to abuse an AP without your doctor’s consent ??

I just wonder that thanks

Yeah you can buy almost anything online.
I wouldn’t trust black market sources online.
You don’t know what you are getting.
Buying prescription drugs without a prescription is a bad idea.


I agree with @Wave dont buy online unless its from a registered pharmacy.

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You can order APs without a prescription online but I don’t recommend doing this- I tried to once and ended up with some pills from India that didn’t work at all.