Can I block Not Moses?

You are coming across as more and more garbled. Take a break for the night. It’s only an internet forum, not a way of life.


Unfortunately by me being outspoken you are under the delusion that not nearly half of the posters on here are doing drugs or alcohol.

I’m not deluded by anything. I am addressing YOU and YOU ONLY. I’m well aware that there are people here who post while “altered.” You are just loud and obnoxious when doing it. You are agitated and look for fights.

That’s ■■■■■■ shat because they will get away with it and if I walk away they know they can do it again.

Oh boy, here we go, eh creativecravings? Yes I remember you and your drama. It never ends.

So, try being nice instead of walking away. Kill them with kindness.

Just operate decently and be supportive.

OK so you wanna win alien idk what difference it makes to you but fine. Tell yourself later you were a good person who fought the good fight and then maybe just maybe I’ll respect you.

That makes no sense to me. What are you trying to say? I understand English, but that was not intelligible.


Relax. There is no fight here. There is no way to block users either.

@velociraptor this thread is pointless.

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