Can I block Not Moses?

He’s a ■■■■■■ prick.

I replied to him 3times 50 and he never responds but answers others in spite.

Good grief you are rude.


Yep. You know it.

So was Steve Jobs.

I’m just asking to be treated decently maybe you don’t get it.

You treat everyone horribly and expect decency in return. That makes no sense.

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Only when provoked

But it’s typical that you say that because you say whatever you want too

You are only provoked in your own mind. These people are doing nothing wrong.

I’m explaining but you’re not getting because you are blocked.

I am reading your explanations. You are deluded.

Not Moses like everyone else would just like to puss me off enough so I either get banned again or leave.

It’s pretty bad when I’m called deluded on a schizophrenia board ha!

That is just not true daze! Relax, do some meditation. Go for a walk, see a doctor.

Yeah its all my problem I get that. I’m not trying to be the problem I just react. The system reacts.

You are reacting to problems that you are creating in your head.

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@Daze, I know you have come on here before after drinking alcohol. Are you drinking now? I’m not a moderator, but it says in the General Guidelines to please abstain from posting while under the influence of drugs/alcohol. A lot of things would improve if you put the bottle down.

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Does it really take that much to respond or to for example make someone feel that they are received? Yeah I can let it go but they sick majorly.

People are going to treat you according to the way you present yourself.

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