Can i be forgiven for lying? Amd denial?


What if my subconcious mind wanted self preservation so I tricked myself into believing a lie? And im punishestrong textd for it??
Amd for being a ■■■■■?.. Im not as sensistive amd I’m really not in touch with any of my feelings when it comes to compassion for others. I feel like its gone a bit away from me. But i have immense compassion for my husband… I’m going to wait I do live in real life and seem like a complete psychopath and nobody has told me only dreams that im Sophia bc thats a better entity
I am confused. Part of my schizophrenic disorder.


ofcourse! 873649812734


In my Christian beliefs, just the fact that you’re sorry is good enough. No worries!


Thank you. I appreciate that. 9.99. Ten dollars


. I can’t do anything I’m just a fool who is worthless and sealed in my own mind. I am in confusion and self vindication. I am wrong… I less than and need to be subservient. So, thank you and I appreciate your opinions and construvtively based religious beliefs… Thank you very much. I am humbled by your wisdom.