Can great suffering........?

Can great suffering lead to enlightenment…?

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I think it can,

But doesn’t always.

Sometimes great suffering is just great suffering.


If you learn from it, grow because of it. Then yes.

If you let it defeat you, and drag you down. Then no

There are many paths to enlightenment, and sometimes suffering is just suffering without alternative intent or outcome

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it must be a gr8 reality to live in, that old enlightenment …:slight_smile:

In my case it didn’t.

give it time rein, rome wasn’t built in a day

Depends on what caused the suffering and if the person who suffered learned from it. I’m probably not the best example of “enlightenment”, but I’ve learned that whenever I get into a tussle with alcohol I’m the one who loses. So I stay away from it and I work my AA program. Nearly 28 years sober and I’m no longer a street bum.

I dated a lady many years ago who never had grocery or rent money because she gambled it at bingo and on lottery tickets trying to get more money. Bumped into her a couple of years ago and she hasn’t changed, except that she looks like she’s in her late sixties despite being in her late forties (too much booze and cigs). Her kids have cut her off because she’s useless. First thing she did was ask me for money.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.


Of course.

See what a swift kick to the nuts can do.

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I find to many people will wallow in suffering of their own making, simply to cry foul. There is no enlightenment there.

But a person who puts in the work to pull themself out of the muck, they’re closer to enlightenment in my eyes.

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I don’t think enlightenment will happen after that

Eckhart Tolle, has great youtube videos about it

I remember when a kid in grade five grabbed a girl who was “budding” by the chest during morning recess and gave her a good old double honk. She kicked him in the 'nards and dropped him. While he was on the ground writhing and crying she gave him another couple of stomps on the nutsack for good measure. He was gone for two weeks, but when he came back he never terrorized another girl for the rest of grades five and six.

Seems like a good example of practical englightenment to me.


look up the definition of enlightenment

Enlightenment is education or awareness that brings change.

The five core beliefs of enlightenment are; happiness, reason, nature, progress, and liberty …

it can also mean much more

Ah, but only for those who are worthy. Voltaire did not regard “the rabble” as being deserving of such elevation from the muck of their daily condition.

whats that mean…?

In my case the suffering was a torture with feelings ranging from unpleasant to unbearable.

About giving it more time… I was already tortured for 8 months to the extent I preferred not to exist. I’d certainly never want to experience it again, and anyway all I learnt from it is that my schizophrenia is messing with me for some sick unknown reason (it had patterns to it, such as relieving the feeling while my body is walking, more on it can be found here Has schizophrenia caused you pain or other physical/bodily torture?).

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I don’t know if it is true that suffering gives enlightenment but I think the results of believing so are important. It gives some sense of purpose when you are suffering for some unknown reason.

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