Can games improve your mental health? PAX panel explores the rise of games as a coping mechanism

But the panel’s suggestions didn’t solely consist of relaxing games. Sometimes, they said, a different way to cope with your problems is to look them straight in the face and try to relate to characters in games who are going through the same issues you are. They all recommended a game called Ten Candles , a tabletop game where the end of the world is imminent and the player is tasked with telling the story of the character in his or her last few hours of life.

“It’s a real exercise in bringing closure to something and finding peace with it, which can be applied to something you might be dealing with yourself… except for the end-of-the-world part,” Leo said.

I thought this was interesting.

Do video games help you cope?

  • Yes, video games help me cope
  • No, video games do not help me cope
  • Unsure
  • I am a one person wolfpack
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I feel very guilty playing video games if I havnt achieved stability and financial objectives.


To me, video games are just like watching a movie.

Better yet; you choose the outcome.


I think Runescape was instrumental for me in regaining my ability to pursue long term goals.


I feel wasting my time if I don’t play video games. Video games gives me feeling of achievement and being powerful :milk_glass:


You see half full glass not half empty


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