Can false understandings and delusions influence others - true story

When I came back to Finland and my little town in 2002, I discovered that people called my father as ‘Cossack’. He himself also used this ‘Cossack’ name. However, after my brief family study in the summer of 2002 I also discovered that there has never been any Cossacks in my family. The recent more extensive family research confirmed this even more when I traced my family tree to the 1600s. So people had created this united delusion that my father was a Cossack and then people started calling me as ‘Cossack’s son’. So soon I was ‘Kasakan poika’, the son of a Cossack. All this was misunderstandings and delusions that was somehow accepted by the great number of people. As years passed fewer and fewer people used this Cossack name and soon people used my real name when they talked about me. To me it appears that people can assume this type of a communitywide delusion based on some misunderstandings and falsehoods. What do you think? Is this possible only in little towns like my town is?

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When I came back in 2002 and went to some places, people had other delusions and misunderstandings too. Sometimes some younger people said I was the CIA agent and once two people commented that I was the KGB henchman after they had tried to beat me up. It is funny though.

Well sure, people are people, be they all bunched together in a big city, or tiny town. Gossip has no limits. If you speak, think, and believe the truth, someday you just might find it was all based on want, bad perception and need, rather than reality.
That’s why it is so important to act accordingly so you know what is truth, and not, rather, as someone else thinks about you.
The truth eventually comes out because time reveals all.