Can effects wear down over time?

I’m currently on 10mg of olanzapine, along with other meds. Can the effects wear down over time? I’m starting to deal with more delusional thinking. I met my case manager today and finally told her. I don’t know if it’s stress or needing a higher dose. I don’t have a med appointment until the 13th and therapy on the 7th. I’ve been on this dose for 2 to 3 months. Just cautious with my delusions. I don’t wanna have to deal with them. I work part time and the stress may be getting to me. I did however just get approved for disability, so that’s a relief. Anyways, any kind words would be helpful. Just unsure of what to do.

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It’s unlikely that olanzapine would stop working that quickly. It can stop working, for sure. But not after just 3 months.

What would it mean then? I’m just at a loss.

I’m going through this right now and a mixture of stress and break through symptoms can make this possible! Atleast in my case it has. A lot of anxiety and stress can exacerbate symptoms. Try relaxing talk to your doc as soon as you can, or let a nurse know so she can send a note to your doctor.

Stress appears to trigger symptoms even in some medicated sz’s. Whether or not you need a higher dose is definitely a discussion that you will need to have with your doctor.

I believe it is stress. I have quite a bit going on right now. My old delusion is coming back. Like I’m still the son of Lucifer. I told him if he was still around to show me as a dragonfly like he did before and I just saw one and it hung around me for a bit. I’ll keep telling my case manager these things. But it’s hard not to give in. I feel so important like I have a purpose.


I think if 10mg olanzapine doesen’t do it for you, you’d be better off trying another AP. The side effects really starts to take its toll when you go above 10mg. I also read some people here say they got worse symptoms like more voices on olanzapine.

Maybe wait and see if it’s just the stress, but if it isn’t maybe try something else.

I was on 40mg of olanzapine which is a really high dose and it didn’t work 100%. I slowly tapered my dosage over the last 4 years and quit a month ago.

I am now on a low dose of Lurasidone and it works much better, 100% of hallucinations/delusions gone.

I’ll just keep tabs on it until my med appointment on the 13th. I’m stressed from working and having to move my stuff out of the house I used to live in. But I gotta keep working as much as I can’t handle it. I’m living with family and can’t stay here forever. Luckily I only work tonight then I’m off again on Friday. I just still believe, despite the contrary.

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