Can drinking cause psychosis

Just wondering if drinking can cause psychosis

It can make symptoms worse.

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my dad is proof drinking can cause psychosis to become worse. He becomes paranoid he sometimes flips out and becomes violent. Not sza and sz become violent when drinking but my dad does and he has abused my mother in the process. Don’t get me wrong I love my father but there are times when I wish he would get help.

I don’t think it will cause it but it definitely wont help

Detoxing from alcohol, i.e., not having it after your body develops a need for it, can cause psychosis, even in a normal brain. No drinking for me, nuh uh.

I think yes yes yes.

I drank for years and never had problems BUT i have now been having problems starting last Febuary. I’ve quit now, the depression it was causing the next day was turning into paranoia and delusions.

Ever read the part of Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn” where Huckleberry’s father is going through an drinking binge? Looks kinda of like a really bad psychotic episode to me.

There have been cases of alcohol seemingly causing acute psychosis, but I don’t remember it saying it was permanent.

Maybe look it up at

It’s similar to what students get- you can find articles written by pros and also see how reputable the articles are- look at how many people have cited them- means it’s the word in science if it’s cited a whole lot.

I’m in bed with a bottle of meds and a Heath ledger bobblehead, sorry I’m too lazy to look it up and then tell you. But it’s not hard, just google scholar search “alcohol induced psychosis”

If you drink hard enough to get delirium tremens you definitely hallucinate. DT’s are one of the worst chemical withdrawals to go through. They’re fatal ten per cent of the time. Though I’ve never had DT’s, I have drank hard enough to get the shakes quite a few times. I got really paranoid and pretty much out of touch with reality. One time I somehow figured out through my brilliant logic that the U.S. and Russia had fired their nuclear missles at each other, and they would hit in less than thirty minutes. I was wondering if it would do any good to hide under the bed. I’ve gotten into states from drinking that probably were psychotic. Drinking probably played a big role in my schizophrenia.

Just consider the fact schizophrenia is a condition that makes the brain act incorrectly and alcohol basically is a poison to the body, especially the brain, that achieves its effects by damaging the brain temporarily. It’s not going to make things worse 100% of the time but it probably has a good chance of doing it.