Can certain thoughts or mood cause intrusive voices

I’m paranoid anything I think will trigger it

i think so, ask your p/doc i think he will probably know for sure

I get paranoia too. Sucks.

I get the most intrusive thoughts when I am depressed. My mom loves me I figured out lately and I don’t have any intrusive thoughts…I don’t have voices. I did when I was delusional but they are gone now.

If I get too wrapped up in my delusion, it can cause more intrusive thoughts. They are pretty far an few between these days but I still get them. Mine are more in the form of communication. I don’t hear voices. Instead, I get intrusive ‘messages’ from the brain study people which is really my own brain playing tricks on me.

My thoughts and images heard and seen by other people causes my intrusive thoughts. And they in turn cause my anxiety / panic attacks.

Anxiety and depression causes this for me.
I can’t be up or down, I have to try to keep myself in the middle somewhere to avoid this.