Can Caplyta be combined with MAOIs?

I read that it was a SERT inhibitor. Doesn’t that mean, if I take it with my Nardil, it’ll cause Serotonin Syndrome? I’m really looking for help with negative and cognitive symptoms. I take Olanzapine, and so far it and Clozaril were the only meds that stop my religious preoccupation – and I’m on memantine but it didn’t fix my negative or cognitive symptoms – and I’m looking for something to help with them. I’ve tried all the atypicals except Rexulti, Fanapt, and Caplyta and I doubt I can switch antipsychotics at this point for various reasons, except for the fact that Caplyta’s NMDA, antidepressant, anxiolytic, and sedative effects (as I have intractable insomnia from the Nardil) may be good for me. I’ve tried Sarcosine already, and it made my agitation and anxiety much worse, even at around 0.5 g a day. I’ve tried ashwagandha (both KSM-66 and Sensoril) but the alpha antagonist effects of it worsen my ADHD. I’m looking at glycine now, but I haven’t been able to figure out if I can take that alongside memantine.

According to, there is a moderate interaction, but not a severe one. I would guess though, that it hasn’t been fully studied yet. Your doctor or pharmacist may have more information.,1551-0