Can anyone recommend any safe shows for me to watch on Netflix?

I don’t like mockumentaries and I can’t watch anything with supernatural/paranormal elements.
I like shows with a feel good vibe.

I only have Netflix.
I like New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and animated shows like Family Guy and Bojack Horseman.
Rick & Morty is a no-go.

Any recommendations?

I hope you get some top tips. I have none, sadly. Netflix is like wading through an impossible pile of garbage…

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I like action shows so Money Heist, Narcos, Ozark, Blacklist, etc


I like Ozark the best on Netflix.


Imma third the Ozarks recommendation.

Also, Lupin and Money Heist are pretty good as well.


I like Lupin too but hasnt been watching it lately. Its French from France so I can listen to it in French and understand.

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That’s pretty cool.

There’s something to be said to be able to watch shows in their native language. You can pick up on stuff that might otherwise be lost in the dubbing.

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I meant I can listen to it in French and understand lol I keep making mistakes when typing.

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Haha no no you’re fine!

I misread your comment and edited my response :slightly_smiling_face:

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Silly stupid humor. But I love “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

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Kipo and the age of Wonderbeasts is a fantastic animated series. It takes place in a postapocalyptic world with talking animals, but other than that there isn’t much about it that’s supernatural. Other than like two episodes with a minor fortune telling subplot. It is lighthearted and sweet.

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marvelous mrs maisel has been recommended to me but its on amazon prime. Its hard to find much on Netflix that isn’t fantasy or paranormal.

Kipo - I really enjoyed that show as my daughter watched it.

I recommend Good Girls, it’s sort of atypical housewife/craft moms breaking out of their hum drum life to a spiral of crime. It’s not too violent although there are a couple scenes plus threat, so if you find that difficult maybe not. Lots of twists and turns and enough to keep you entertained without it being too screwy with your head.

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There goes anything I like to watch.

The trailer for “bad trip” looks funny.

I could also add that I tend to screw around on my phone or doodle while I watch Netflix, so I tend to prefer shows where I can listen to the dialogue without having to stay glued to the screen in fear of missing something.

Arrested Development


Sons of anarchy.

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