Can anyone explain whats going on ? (Girls/Women only) reply

OK, Look I know a lot of people have told me that I look OK.

A therapist I am going to is totally into me. But lately I have been observing something. And believe me this is true…I see that the Girls are totally avoiding eye-contact and I can see that there is a deliberate attempt on their part to ignore me (as If I dont exist).

To give you some examples:-

a. There is a girl in my office who stealthily looks at me and I thought that probably she likes me. So one day I goto her during a coffee break and tried talking to her and she was looking here/there/everywhere except my eyes and then she hastenely dissapeared. I caught her again in lunch and tried talking to her and she just looked at me and smiled and then avoided me.

  1. There was a therapist I was going to before meeting my current therapist. We (me and she) had two sessions and then all of a sudden she called off the therapy session with me for no explainable reason…I was never rude to her or said anything wrong to her…the explanation I was given was that the therapist was not available ONLY for me anymore and that she was off to her hometown to meet her family (which was a lie) because the next week I tried to goto that clinic I saw her dissappear after seeing me.

  2. This morning I was smoking outside the campus and there was a girl (Atleast I kind of liked her attitude)…she was smoking too:)…and then again I saw her in the afternoon…She just glanced at me and the next moment I see (when I thought I could talk to her)…Voila…She’s gone…dissapeared…completely.

  3. And then today at lunch when I was eating it I saw a girl who was looking at me…and then I caught a glance at her and …VOILA…She completely avoids eye contact with me…

Can anyone tell me whats going on here?

I don’t know, maybe you’re making connections where there is none. A little bit of paranoid thinking is fairly normal in your condition.

Are you certain you and your therapist have a thing going on? That sounds so unhealthy and probably is a blockage in your personal development and what you can get out of in therapy. My opinion.

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Well she has quit her job twice since I dint turn up. so yeah im pretty sure it is.

usually it’s creepy when guys stare too much. eye contact shouldn’t be more than 1 second otherwise it’s creepy. If you’re in a bar and a girl is making eye contact, it’s okay to look every few minutes for 1 second of eye contact then approaching her. If you’re not deluded and maybe it’s just in your head, then you stare too much.

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guess thats right

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