Can anyone explain the 1515 thing?

151615 012345679

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Lol. I thought people had issues when they wrote that 1515 stuff :blush:


I thought it was a software bug until I asked someone shortly after I joined.


Origins of 1515 relate to the hyperbolic numeric value of ‘23

3 * 5 = 15 and 15/5 = 3

Thus there are ‘2’ sets of 3 2 <------>3

conjoined we have an irrevocably, uncoincidentally and yet impervious conclusion ergo constrained to the numerical value 23.

either that or its 15 characters :raising_hand_man:


When you type fifteen in a row @LevelJ1 gets a special notification and puts on a pink tutu and dances around his house.




shhhhhh thats top secret :sweat_smile:


I use … it works but is probably annoying…

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Not anymore…


Okay so this is from like 5 years ago, when we first instituted the blanket ban on religious discussions. Some users were very upset with us, and other users teased them by pretending to be outraged that they couldn’t talk about their “religion” Potatoism. Over time, that became the official fake religion of the forum. Potatoists believe in the Great Potato, who may one day deliver us to his starchy kingdom. It has since evolved into a long running joke or a way to get around the religion ban. Since the great potato isn’t a real religion, people sometimes invoke his name instead of referring to an actual deity. Sort of like pastafarianism.

Edited to add: I believe @Nomad gets credit for starting the potato thing


Wow, I can’t believe we have our own lore.

If anyone wants to know about the turtle thing, I would be happy to let @LevelJ1 take the wheel on that one


don’t ban me but it time for mass


Okay for all interested parties, I went and unearthed the old lore

It started here

And the first official mention of the great potato was by @flameoftherhine here in response to that thread.

Why a potato discussion is more popular than going to a church discussion


I read that name as flameofurine. Where’s my glasses…

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I miss @flameoftherhine so badly. I wish he would stop in and say hey.


I miss him too!

Maybe he’ll return if I sing a soul song about him and post it. :kiss: :crazy_face:

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You should absolutely do that.

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Omgoonies … Thats funny :blush: ty for elaborating :blush:

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From what @ninjastar mentioned.

Spoken with the hammer of thors voice

'Once back in thy earliest days of thy forum. Back when our brothers and sisters wrote on tablets made of stone.

It was a rather dark and starry night. The moon was glistening and shining in the night sky.

No one could of predicted what would take place that night.

Henceforth a young naive LevelJ1 saw a most precarious predicament and thus proceeded to shout from the top of the highest mountain in the appalachians ( forum) , It was his pulpit prime for the echo of nations.

He bellowed a most magnificently deep rumble from the depths of his gullet ’

“I like Turtles.:blush:

And the whole forum came crashing down for the night.

Even the heathens were most impressed.

It wasn’t a moment sooner that thy forum was restored to it’s utmost capacity thy next morning.

The end.

That’s the best I can do for a folklore story telling :smile:


Ahaha! This is classic @flameoftherhine


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