Can anyone else temporarily control their voices?

Once I figured this out by accident. I found out that I can tell the voices to say anything I want. It works even when the voices are extremely angry in tone of voices.

I have this trick that if they are acting extremely angry I tell them to repeat something foolish. When they do it, it is like they get humbled and don’t want to talk anymore because they are humiliated. It only works when they are angry or extremely angry though, not in any other mood (to my knowledge).

The way I figured out how to control them was to look up to my eyebrows and focus my attention of the top of my head. I can hear a very little faint voice telling a much louder voice (my normal voices) and telling it what to say! The weird thing is that these voices say the same different things over and over again 24/7.

Is it possible for you guys to do this too? What is your opinion on what I just wrote? Thanks.

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My voices are pretty smart. They would just say something like “hah! Like that will work. Idiot. We’re done with you” there just rediculous

I think mine would just ridicule me if I tried to control them. That must be a cool thing to be able to do though.

Yeah I can do it. When I try to make them say something that classes with their “agenda”… They’ll filter or edit it. That might just be my subconscious expectation that allows it to happen.

I’ve been hearing a lot of voices in the last 24 hours… They aren’t bad. I’ll just be think about how to arrange this or that around my place… The same female voice I’ve always had will chime up.

Also woke up delusional and with evil whispers going on… I had to turn the lights on to keep my mind from trying to do visual.

It’s just weird when you can’t your own focus or intent… I’ve never lost control of my actions but I have had to hesitate a lot while I sort out my mind.

I’ll keep and eye on it… Things should be a lot less stressful as I just finished cleaning everything. Just gotta go through my clothes, sort out impending insurance change come November.

Apparently part a of Medicare is hospital insurance and that is free. The actual basic health care for seeing a gp is part b. Don’t really know the extent that that covers.

Dental, vision, prescriptions are all extra through parts c & d.

I’m not skeptical when it comes to telepathy but I think a lot of the experiences are self induced as nervous release - like holding a beach ball under water for too long.

Next time they come about, stop and ask yourself if you were worried that someone might’ve been listening to your thoughts; I found that by trying to desperately suppress my thoughts, in public, it was tripping some kind of mental tourettes. “Ironic Process Theory”

It’s a trick.

We can’t control them. But they can make us think we can for different reasons. It’s really easy and simple for them.

More manipulative people will know that it at times can be used to make someone think they are in control. Never did it myself but i do understand it.

I can control my voices 100 percent when I focus on it, but I realize it gets ammo from it…like they literally learn through me. They know which words tie with which emotion I feel with them so if later down the line, I reuse words I used to control them with, they accuse me of something. Like bad words would lead them to accuse me that I’m evil for thinking that certain negative word.

Sometimes, when my voices are angry, I can change their mood to happy background chatter. It only works if I am in a state of mind where I can slip into relaxed concentration.

no i can;t control exactly what they say but sometimes if i#m reading something they will falter and say the same word i am reading by mistake, in whatever sentence they were sayng at the time. it happens whichever voice is saying it…which i find vey compelling to the theory or rather fact, in my case, that the voices are coming only from my mind itself and not any outside source. if so why would you get confused and mix up your words? it doesn’t happen like that in real conversation so why in my head? i liken it almost to two train tracks meeting at a junction, becoming one track for a moment and then splitting off again…these are personalities that travel on these train (sound) tracks sort of condensing for a second then spliting off again i guess.

same here… it only works when they are mad (for me)… the voice don’t get mad anymore… it is like they just stopped… they do act in other ways… like prideful/creepy or happy/creepy… it is really weird

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yeah, it came in hand a lot in the beginning… but they don’t get too angry anymore… they have stopped being so super angry… so it has become a bit easier… but I have forgotten a little bit how bad it was before

maybe it is the beginnings of a zombie virus caused by mold (like in the last of us games)… I won’t lie… the voice seem to want to control me sometimes

Thanks for telling me about Ironic Process Theory… That seems something worth looking up… I probably heard it a long time ago, but thanks for reminding me about it… it might come in handy… How do you use Ironic Process Theory to your advantage? That thing about mental tourettes… I have thought about that before… I heard that the voices in our heads (sub vocalization) actually come from our throat! But a super low version of us talking that only we can hear… Isn’t that weird?

Wow that might come in handy… are you male or female? I know some people in my life that might be like that… but I never thought they would be submissive to try to get their way!

oh yeah… It makes sense… it is like the voices are very primitive and know a limited vocabulary

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Wow… maybe you can show me how to do that? my voice rarely get angry anymore… they mostly act creepy now lol

my voices act kind of different, but what you are saying make sense… this mental condition seems really random and strange, but most of us have the same thing going on inside our heads

I bring the concept up a lot; just refresher for people beginning to research their problem.

It’s not anything that can be really ‘put to use’ like a tool; just an awareness.

Remember that Seinfeld episode where George went to a massage therapist and got stuck with a male therapist?
He freaked out because he felt ‘it’ move?

Body also reacts that way to growing comfortable (like morning wood) and does not always have to do with the individual’s attraction to the other.

Let’s say George really became fearful that he might be turning gay. As a stress relief his mind might start making homosexual relevant comments to him. The more he tries to suppress those unsolicited thoughts, the more he stresses and the mind fights back to relieve that stress.

I haven’t proven it but have suspected that the junk part of our minds might accidentally tangle and bicker with one another in passing and from time to time; neither party aware or what their minds are doing. With mental concerns we might be keeping more meticulous record of the thoughts coming and going and how they relate with the environment thus taking notice of the absurdly odd phenomena.

I can definitely control voices sometimes, but it’s more like the voices are becoming my thoughts and vice versa and everything is getting muddled.