Can anyone define the word "worship" in a way that won't make me sick?

It sounds too much like “grovel” to me.

like when you watch to much tv lol

I don’t have that problem. I’d tend toward too much radio. I’m constantly putting myself on radio diets. They work until I am overcome by boredom or the desire to escape the family noise.

Worship: Giving God his due respect.

too much of anything can be sickening really

i usually just go to communion in the morning because the main service is too long, i can catch up at night tho but it isnt the same, people have told me that communion can be more important than worship in some ways, it teaches me things, there is always something different to make me wonder.

last night i was at a prayer meeting and the people were amazing and i felt so good, the hymns were really humbling and when i was trying to sing i felt stronger mentally, so it does me some good i wasnt just there for myself tho i was there for everyone as we pray together for the greater good :angel:

a few hours every week is good for me and i get so much out of it

It simply means to respect something deeply and to show it.

If you take heed to things then one could say you worship those things.

Most simply worship genetalia.

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Quakers don’t believe in taking communion - it makes no sense. Like it came out of a drunken last supper.

@77Nick77 and @pansdisease
The word respect does make sense, Thanks.

thought that was a breakfast cereal lol

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