Can anyone confirm?

The usual fight and threatening happened between me and my parents. I was walking on the road this morning and was in clothes. I felt someone hit me in my buttocks. Have a scratch and pain but I guess no injection marks.

Is it possible to be injected in this scenario? :frowning:

No sir. We have not developed scratch injection technology.

I would prescribe a steaming mug of hot tea and meditation for the stress.


I’ve thought people were putting Haldol in my food before. I’d drink a cup of coffee, think there was Haldol in it, and run off and take a bunch of caffeine pills to counteract the Haldol. I’m glad those days are over.

Oof. That had to be rough.

It was kind of rough, but I could get into a hypomania from the caffeine pills, which wasn’t a bad feeling. I was delusional in a bunch of different ways.

You have not been injected with anything. Tactile hallucinations are pretty common.