Can anybody recommend good video-capture hardware for making YouTube game walkthroughs?

I want to make YouTube videos with my gameplay from games like Fallout 4, and do voice-over commentary for them. I need to figure out what I’d need for this. I’m guessing I need some device to do the recording, and it would have to work with both my dell laptop and my Xbox One (and the new Series X) and maybe also a microphone for the commentary. I’d probably also need some basic video editing software that would let me manipulate video files and put in text and graphics and cut-away to different footage. I’ve been a little more disorganized since my diagnosis, and I don’t want to buy the wrong thing and waste money. I just thought this would be a good hobby until the pandemic ends, and a way to make what I’m doing a little more creative and productive.

Does anybody here have experience with this? Can you recommend any products that would be compatible and effective? I’d appreciate any help I can get. Thanks! :smiley:

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I’d love to make gaming videos too. This sounds like a great hobby. Good luck with it.

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I would go with elgato game capture card or rAzer ripsaw


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@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro Thanks, I’ve heard Elgato mentioned by several people so I might check them out.

pretending to be sick… unbelievable… I’d like to see you last 5 months in solitary confinement with hallucinations tearing through your brain, yelling at the walls, see how you like it, then i’ll come in and say “you’re pretending to get disability money.” Honestly. Get off the site.


How dare you. You don’t know what somebody is going through and have no right to diagnose if somebody is sick or not. :koala::koala::koala:

@oulabi It’s pretty hard to fool doctors into thinking you’re disabled. Vast majority are legitimately ill. Some people are high functioning and working. Some are only capable of gaming.

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Folks, @oulabi is currently on a 2-day break.

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Thanks guys. I hate being limited in what I can do, just trying to work with what I’ve got. Original plans were to be a lawyer, but one life altering disease later I’d be happy just to have a small YouTube channel.

So I need a good capture card, I’ve heard the brand elgato mentioned. Also some video editing software for windows 10. Hopefully it won’t seem too complicated.


I remember @flameoftherhine used to post gaming videos on YouTube for a while. He hasn’t been on the forum for a long time though.


For screen capture you can use OBS studio, it’s free.
stream labs for live streaming, it’s free.

And shotcut is a free video editing software.
Chase your dreams ignore the haters.

This might help too, I think YouTube and streaming is an excellent hobby and career path.

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Thanks for the replies, I’ll check it out!

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