Can anxiety, mania or depression or stress cause paranoia?

Mine is pretty extreme. And I am worried I will need a med adjustment or I will have to cancel my plans for this new job entirely.

I become more paranoid when I’m anxious, stressed out or when my moods are shifting.

I think it’s about time your placed on a proper mood stabilizer alongside your Abilify.

Contact your doctor

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Yea it most certainly can.

Vice versa

Im always watching the depression far more than the sz. Depression takes away your natural antipsychotic to fight the sz, the best ap that ever existed.

Its the sz dilemma with psychiatrists. They focus on everything they have into getting rid of sz symptoms, which is a lottory at best, and dont take the other brought upon MI conditions serious.

Dèpression is the killer of life, the part that keeps your sz symptoms flying high and makes the struggle 10 x harder.

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Indeed it is.


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