Can anxiety cause...?

Can Anxiety cause other symptoms in your body like say uneasy stomach? I’m just wondering because I’ve had an uneasy stomach off and on for a few days now but aside from that I’m not really feeling sick. I’ve had a flu shot, but I have a lot of other stuff going on like we’re moving on the 23, going to my cousin’s wedding this weekend, and I had a dentist appointment this week, and one on Monday next week. :confused: That’s why I’m wondering if it’s more anxiety build up making me feel nauseous rather than sickness. Does anyone else have this problem when having anxiety issues?

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I have been sick from anxiety lots of times.

Ive puked my lungs out lots of times from being anxious.

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Absolutely! Or headaches, or any body pain. These are called somatizations and are a physical manifestation of anxiety, a symptom if you will.

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Yes my stomach churns when i dont feel good

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I’ve gotten sick over and over,

Even straight up passed out because of anxiety.

I’m a lot better now, but those days were rough.


Thanks everyone. Now I know it’s mostly anxiety…there’s a lot going on this month…so naturally it would affect my anxiety levels. Lets see, Monday I got my upper partials for my mouth, now I actually have teeth when I smile…which is nice but still dentists…arg. Though he was a good dentist and when I had most of the heavy work done I was sedated.

Then this week we’re going to Iowa for a wedding. big family even, and trust me I have big family (it’s a cousin on my dad’s side and he had 6 sisters and 4 brothers, though I doubt everyone is coming. my grandmother probably wont come because she was hospitalized this week because of liquid build up in her lungs and they found out her heart isn’t beating like it should. She is 93…) So there’s all that going on.

Plus the 23 is the big moving day. That has proven to be extremely stressful. I’ve only been to the area a handful of times and it was only for like two or three days I’m not familiar with it. I’m also not familiar with the exact area we’re going. I have never been there, but mom and dad have been a couple times taking a few boxes here and there and getting measurements and stuff. But I’ve had t stay behind because traveling with kitty isn’t exactly easy. So I have yet to see the place in person.

The only thing I can gather from mom and dad is it’s extremely quiet there. Which may be a good thing for me. Yet the thought of having to meet all new people is very nerve wracking. I have a hard enough times preparing for family gatherings let alone meeting all new neighbors, and having to learn a whole new town.

Then there’s the added worry about me having to find a new psychiatrist, Okay I need to stop. Breathe. one, two…three. Breathe…one, two, three…Yeah so I guess it’s not surprising that symptoms of my anxiety have started to manifest in other parts of my body…

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