Can an anti-psychotic cause Psychosis?

I have been on Loxapine since February with sub-bar results and recently combined it with Saphris. Ever since I’ve been on Saphris and Sarcosine, I’ve been more vigilant and aware of my surroundings, I even had a psychotic break in the middle of a group. It’s been a week and I’m having residual paranoia from the psychotic break. I’m not sure whats causing it.

Not that my opinion means anything but I was given a lot of invega on a daily basis then down to nothing over night. Then I had a psychotic break like you did. So it’s possible to me in that instance.

On the other hand, I’ve been taking it on a better schedule now for awhile. I’ve been starting to suspect that the drugs were only a temporary fix and are now making me worse.

The first antipsychotic I went on caused me psychosis. I had to be stabilized with zyprexa and Thorazine and haldol in the hospital before it went away

I tell ppl Wellbutrin hospitalized me the first time, but I leave out that I went on risperdal after I stopped Wellbutrin and it made the psychosis worse before going into the hospital.

The Sarcosine could be stimulating you more, adding to the paranoia.
But yes it is possible for certain Antipsychotics to trigger certain symptoms in vulnerable patients.

Antipsychotics can trigger or worsen paranoia, anxiety, OCD like symptoms, depression, mood cycling (Mania).

APs like Seroquel XR and Abilify have triggered Visual and Auditory Hallucinations in me.
Talk to your psychiatrist about your symptoms.
Good luck.

I get break through psychotic symptoms on antipsychotics. Stress causes it for me.

Best to talk to your psychiatrist. Saphris didn’t agree with me at all.

Like @Wave said, the sarcosine might be stimulating you and adding to the symptoms. Make sure you tell your psychiatrist you are using sarcosine.

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The first 4 I tried made it terrible for me so yes…this new ones not controlling it yet but it hasn’t made it worse…

I was given invega and it made me gradually more and more psychotic until suddenly I developed full blown voices.

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Call your doc asap let them know asoon as they open… @misha00 I’m sorry this is happening to you

It happened three years ago…voices are calm at the moment…

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Oh sorry I read it a little off…I’m sorry that happend to you…