Can agitation be a function of sz in my relationshiip?

I’ve been a very good loving relationship for 2.5 years not but I’m finding that I’m getting agitated with her sometimes. More than I used to that is.I’m concerned that my irritation, impatience and agitation will effect my relationship. She just seems to do dumb things some times. Love to get some good feedback from everyone.

All I can say is that I get agitated at my husband. And if I allow myself to say something about it, rather than it making me feel better, sometimes my feelings will spiral out and I blow everything out of proportion. Then I feel bad because he’s actually a great guy. That doesn’t mean that I never have a legitimate complaint. He’s not perfect. I try to think through annoyances and let them sit for awhile. Often, whatever he said or did that annoyed me gets lost in the following moments and dialogue. If, after letting it sit, I’m still agitated, then I try to think of a nice way to explain why what was said or done annoyed me. Everyone does dumb things sometimes. Having a loving partner means we get to be stupid sometimes and that person still loves us.

Thanks Hedgey! I try to remember to be thankful to have such a loving and supportive person in my live and not let the agitation get out of control. She’s an awesome woman and I love her so. Part of my dilemma is that I’m confused whether my agitation is my own problem in the sense that the sz or meds have affected me in such a way the I get in this state of mind. Or does her actions just cause this internal reaction. Either way I like the idea of stepping away from the time when the agitation is happening and then coming back to it later when I’m calmer and talking over with her about how I was feeling and trying to resolve it.

Everybody is at some degree dumb :smile: When we’re in a relationship we tend to look at all the things, specially the bad ones. When you see those things try and remember the good in her too.

No doubt Minnii I do try to remember how lucky I am to have this wonderful woman in my life and not dwell on the fact that some times she does or behaves stupidly. Thanks for your feedback!

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My wife is somewhat “slow” and makes lots of mistakes, burning food, forgetting things, dropping things, missing doses of her medicine, can’t use the remote or the answering machine, etc.

I think one of the things I have learned from her though is that – “Mistakes happen and nothing terrible happens.”

Also I’ve learned to be less of a perfectionist. :slight_smile:

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