Can Abilify Be Used with Solian?

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia 9 years ago and I’m 39 years old female. I’ve been using solian for a year and it works well for me. I took solian 50mg and lorans 1mg per day. However my prolactin level surged to over 3,000 and my period cycle stop because of that. I tried switching to abilify 5mg for two weeks and got my periods back but my symptoms worsen. My doctor proposed to me to take abilify 10mg together with solian 50mg to help decrease my prolactin level. Anyone here who is using this combination and it actually works? Or anyone has ever heard of this combination? This is my first day to take solian with abilify so have to see how it goes. I don’t know if adding abilify would also improve my sex life as solian kind of inhibited it. Thanks everyone for reading this ; I know it’s a bit lengthy! Hope I can have some feedback. :smiley: :unicorn:


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As for your question, I know abilify can be used in combination with other APs to reduce prolactin. I don’t know much about Solian, because I don’t think it’s approved for use in my country, but it is pretty common to combine medications.

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Reducing Solian and increasing Abilify should increase your sex drive. Abilify 20mg actually made me hypersexual but thats a rare side effect.

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Sorry, I meant it makes me worry having NO periods.

Hello @ninjastar!

It’s so good to hear from someone who experienced something similar to me! I’ve asked my doctor many times what would be the side effects of having no periods if I continue to take solian with high prolactin level. He said having no periods IS the side effects. That’s all. Apart from the fact that high prolactin level may increase the risk of breasts cancer. My sister even said it’s good to get rid of the menstrual cycle! but It makes me worry having my periods. I really think it does affect the female body to some extent. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

High prolactin can also make your breasts grow, and even start lactating. It can increase your risk of various diseases, and is not something that should go unchecked.

Some doctors are sexist, and think there’s no reason for a girl to complain about high prolactin, because why wouldn’t they want big boobs and no period? But it’s bad for your health. Whenever a guy has high prolactin, they switch him to a new med immediately.


Are you taking Abilify 20mg only?

I was on only Abilify 20mg for 8 years. Usually Drs reduce the main antipsychotic when adding therapeutical levels of another antipsychotic like 10mg+ Abilify. 3000 prolactine sounds too much, too high prolactin can cause osteoporosis. You should talk about these with your Dr. I think high prolactin is usually worse for females.

“Complications of prolactinoma may include: Bone loss ( osteoporosis ). Too much prolactin can reduce production of the hormones estrogen and testosterone, resulting in decreased bone density and an increased risk of osteoporosis .”


I’m on 300mg amisulpride (Solian) and 5mg olanzapine, but i haven’t been on Abilify so I can’t say how it will be. Even on my dose of Solian I still get periods and don’t leak milk. So I don’t know if I have prolactin problem. I don’t have any sex drive though but I don’t mind that at all.

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I take 800mg Amisulpride a day, and 5mg Aripiprazole designed to lower the prolactin.

My last blood test after being on Aripiprazole for a month showed an increase rather than a decrease.

The doctor wants to give it more time, but I am uneasy about continuing on this path.

The problem is the Amisulpride has kept me sane from positive symptoms now for over two years, and I am hesitant to change it.

That said, I don’t like this ‘hidden’ side effect, as I have suffered much more pronounced ones on other medications, and this just scares me that it’s causing this, but the doctor says the benefit of taking the med outweighs the risk of coming off it.

Without this med I’d probably have to take Clozapine, as I have pretty much exhausted all other options.



The increased breast cancer risk scares me but I try to counteract it by avoiding dairy products and taking soya milk instead.

I heard that in Eastern countries like China or Japan the women have lower risk because they have a lot of soya products instead of dairy.

Apparently soya has natural estrogen which helps with the estrogen hormone levels in the body and protects against hormone related cancers.


I think you have to lower amisulpride and increase Abilify to lower prolactine. Abilify doesnt lower prolactine, rather it doesnt increase it so better than Amisulpride.

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According to the pharmacist it can reduce the levels, but not in my case has this happened. It was worth a try

I was only on Solian 50mg and my periods already stop :neutral_face:
So I have no options now but to switch to abilify…

Me too! But now I have switched to Abilify 10mg and also swiched to Seraline (zoloft) 50mg instead of lorans which is not for long term use. I feel ok. Sometimes there are symptoms I can’t differentiate if it’s I’m being schzophrenic or it’s OCD. So Seraline surely helps in my case to treat OCD symptoms.

I tried substituting solian with abilify and setraline in the past week but it doesn’t help much. It worsens my symptoms. Originally I only took 50mg solian but now it seems things get complicated. The reason I wanted to switch is my period stops and I wanted to get pregnant someday but solian is not safe to do so. :pensive:

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