Can a shy person be a dental nurse/receptionist?

I will be interviewing soon for a position at a dental practice but I am super nervous. I feel borderline aspergers at times. I’m worried I won’t be able to do it even though I have every potential. For some reason I don’t believe in myself. I have a First Class Honours Degree and even so I am an anxious mess…


You can do it!! Just remember you have the qualifications! Be confident in yourself! Everyone here will be rooting for you!!

Well my degree is in an unrelated field to be honest…

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But you still have a strong educational backgroùnd!!

I fully believe you can do this! I was a dental assistant for a bit (post-illness) and I am nowhere near as smart as you are. I’m rooting for you sistaaa!

You can do it! If you have a First Class Honours Degree you can do anythingI

actually we dont know how they exam
but be confident and go for the exam

I think it is good to push your boundaries. Like I used to have a ton of anxiety about talking on the phone, I couldn’t call people at all, I’d like pick up the phone, put it back down, hang up, etc. Then I got my first job as a telesurveyor…I was uncomfortable and anxious every single day but gradually I became accustomed to it and now even though I still prefer not to talk over the phone I now don’t have near as much anxiety about it.

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