Can a dream at nite

can a dream at nite have a message?

You mean a “massage” ?
That reminds me it’s been ages since I’ve had one done on me. I really need a good massage right now.

I have a lot of cig smoking dreams, and being in highschool at age 31, being at my childhood house, getting into fights but I can’t hit hard enough…

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I used to have high school flashback dreams. They were really vivid, to this day I’m able to confuse the reality with the dream.

If you’re a d00d who dreams you’re having nookie and wake up to a mess, it’s because you’re not getting nookie in real life and your body needs to free up some space in the old sperm reservoir.

So there’s that.


I think dreams carry messages yes

That’s so true. I used to not play with myself for more than a week and then I started having erotic dreams and my underwear were wet when I woke up because I unconsciously emptied my sperm reservoir lol

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