Can a difficult situation send you manic?

Does it happen? Does it?

I go pretty crazy pretty quick when the pressure is on. Not manic (don’t have a mood disorder) but yeah - symptomatic quickly. Usually paranoid delusions.

Yeah well I think I’m going crazy very slowly because I messaged those people at work who were picking on me then I started cracking lame jokes

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What did you say?

I frequently go manic as a response to intense stress. It’s like my brain decides it can’t deal with any more and I snap into silly mode.


I really don’t remember almost like I got really drunk but without the alcohol

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That sucks @Ish… maybe they deserved some mockering maybe they didn’t, just no need to apologize just yet, see their reactions. Maybe you said something they deserved to hear.

Similar thing happens to me. I was accused of being high once when i wasn’t. I was just very well maniac

My heart beat gone up I’m shaking can’t sit still

do some deep breathing.

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That’s what crisis line said lol

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That’s only what I was told. I couldn’t do it. My breathing and my heartrate didn’t seem to connect to my mind so that I could affect it…

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When I get like that it helps me to do something relaxing and easy to do. I usually go with baking. You need something to take your mind off of your racing thoughts.

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I’m soooooo embarrassed. I’ve not said anything offensive but I just am gonna go red once I see them.

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I feel this way,when in stress or had high expectation,I start to get confuse and talk without purpose.I so hated this feeling,I am in this kind of mood right now

I think so, I know that prolonged difficult situations at least make me feel manic