Camera advice!

Which is better Sony alpha a 5000 or Fujifilm x-a2

Take a look here and compare them

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@velociraptor knows camera’s pretty good

Sony rx100. There’s loads of models on that but go for the first one is pretty neat.

I know Sony do make good mirrorless cameras. Not had any experience with the fujijilm so I would not be able to tell you. I had a Sony DSLR at one point it was ok but not brilliant.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with either camera. Suggest reading reviews at

If you want to get a photo editing software I would advise Affinity Photo. I switched from using Photoshop when it became a subscription. It is a great program, not as good as Photoshop but it still has all the main features you need to edit photos. You should check out some reviews on it, it is pretty good.


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