Came back before 2015

In my previous message I told that the world will be a different place in 2015. Well, by reading news in the past one week you may have noticed that the world is changing: crisis in Ukraine, a war in Gaza, all ISIS troubles in Syria and Iraq, the trade war between Russia and the US-EU-coalition and so on. Where will this all end? A mystery. During the Syria chemical crisis one year ago Vladimir Putin was more popular in the US than Barack Obama, but after one year his popularity has fallen rapidly and so on.

The weather here in Finland has been very good, over 25 celcius degrees every day since the beginning of July. This is excellent, because I ride my bicycle a lot, last week over 110 kilometers.


glad you are doing well and riding your bike :thumbsup:

and you are right the world is different, it changes constantly lol even the weather

if we could predict the future that would be something wouldn’t it?

mjseu said:

Here is an opinion from Paddy Ashdown in that respect:

I’m not sure that I agree with him, but the talk is reasonably interesting.

US-UK is the major world power. But we will have the southern king and northern king. You’re right, we are entering multipolar world.