Calorie counts on menus are going to be mandatory in 2018 in USA


I have mixed feelings about this.

I’m a pretty healthy person and I keep a rough count of calories each day,

So its good to know this kind of stuff.

But also, if I want to splurge once a week and get some muffin at a bakery, I don’t want to know or need to know that its 700 calories!

Just let me have the freaking muffin without all the guilt and self loathing…


It’s interesting, and I’m glad to know because sometimes the thing you think is more healthy is actually more caloric.

But Americans will remain just as fat.


So, so true!

I hate it when you order the seemingly “healthier” option all to find out its equally as many calories as the delicious option with bacon.

Or ordering a salad and finding out you could have got a hamburger instead for maybe 50 more calories!

So maybe the labels are a good thing,

Just sometimes, ignorance is bliss, but I guess that mentality is how we all got fat in the first place.


It doesn’t matter because most people don’t know their bmr let alone how many calories they should have to fit their goals (if any)


If the govt really wanted to reduce obesity epidemic they would tax the crap out of restaraunts like they do cigarettes. But that would devestate economy and piss off too many ppl so they wont.