Calming antidepressant?

In your experience what AD has been calming for you? I take Ativan or klonopin everyday and feel that calms me down, where ADs seem to wire my brains up.

Anyone experience a calming AD?

Have you tried lexapro?

Remeron is calming for me

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Yes I took one of those SSRIs for awhile and had no anxiety the entire six weeks. Forget why I wanted to come off, but I remember the cessation syndrome was phenomenal.


I would like to but it was in my list of antidepressants that might not work as well for me. It also has a qt prolongation with Seroquel and I’m paranoid about heart interactions.

Do you remember which one jayster?

My anxiety is so bad I sleep with Ativan and aspirin next to my bed, because I get a shooting heart palpitation right when I wake up. Docs say it’s just anxiety :unamused:

I can’t remember which SSRIs I took. I was certain to never take Prozac, however.