Calling out

haven’t heard from neveragain for a while. hope you and your gf are doing okay.

also plumber, hope you’re okay too.

supermanslice, stay cool. and also chew.

lol david, you kept @mentioning me. don’t know how you got suspended… but when your suspensions over, we need to talk about that. :laughing: just kidding.

alright I’m getting some sleep.

Why don’t you @ them so they respond?


lol, i don’t want to disturb 'em. they might be struggling right now.

Lol. People aren’t sleeping dragons. And if they are struggling they might appreciate that you are thinking of them. Just my opinion.


there are 2 kinds of people in this world: sleeping dragons and sleeping beauties.

yeah I just went off-topic in my own thread. that just happened.

Which one you are? At least you are awake … some little music woke me up also …

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finished alphabetizing bookmarks.

adding more people now.

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